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Only 1 Availiable - This Paisley Beaker was one of the original test pieces while we we developing the pattern for the design.  This is one of a kind since the piece is slightly different than the finialized Paisley.  The beaker quality and size is the same, however; no bottom pattern was developed yet.

  • Height:  18" Inches / 450mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl
  • Stem Length:  5.5" Inches / 14cm
  • Tube Diameter:  50mm
  • Thickness: 7mm


(1) Limited Edition Paisley Beaker - Original Test Pattern (18")

(2) 5.5" / 14cm Paisley Downstems

(2) 14mm Paisley Screen Bowls