Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base (BLUE)

Hoss Glass

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This Build-a-Bong® base has changed very slightly over the years, as we have updated the base thickness and added color to the diffusers on the newer version.  This older retro style Y420 is available to you at a lower cost with no compromise to functionality.  It has BLUE logos and CLEAR inline diffusers.
  • Height:  7.5" Inches / 190mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Female Joint
  • Thickness:  7mm

Triple Inline Diffuser Base.  This Build-a-Bong® base is unique stemless design that incorporates a triple inline percolator to filter smoke and ash.  The awesome shape of this base makes any setup stand out, and it doesn't require a downstem.  Connect it with any Hoss Glass® middle or top pieces.


(1) Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base (BLUE)

(1) YX12P - 19mm Bowl

(1) YX8 - 45mm K-Clip

Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck. Always support the base.