YX39 - 6-Arm Ash Catcher (19mm / Green)

Hoss Glass

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Only 1 Available.  This unique 6-Arm Ash Catcher was created with several green H&Crown logos as we tested decal applications.  It is a fully-functioning piece that we are offering at a discounted rate for clearance.
  • Height:  5.5" Inches / 140mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Male
  • Stem Length:  4.75" Inches / 12cm

External Ash Catcher with 6 Arm Diffuser.  This ash catcher is an awesome addition to almost any setup.  It helps to filter smoke and ash through its downstem diffuser and external body which attaches to any 19mm joint.  This also helps to keep your main piece cleaner for longer. 


(1) YX39 Ash Catcher

(1) YX26-C - 4.5" / 12cm 6-Arm Ended Downstem