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Y406 - 7mm Top Tube


Height:  10.75″ Inches / 275mm Joint Size:  45mm Male Joint Tube Diameter:  50mm Thickness:  7mm 7mm Top Tube.  This classic top tube is simple and strong.  At around 11 Inches tall, it's just the right height to top off any Build-A-Bong. Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck....
H004-19 - Beaker Base with 19mm Joint


Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl Stem Length:  6.25" Inches / 16cm  Build a Bong Beaker Base with 19mm Joint.  This classic beaker base is stylish with any set-up.  Connect it with any Hoss Glass Middle and/or Top. Includes: (1) H004-19 - Beaker Base...
H001 - 15 Arm Percolator Middle


Height:  8.25" Inches / 210mm Joint Size:  45mm Male / Female Tube Diameter:  80mm Build a Bong 15 Arm Percolator Middle.  Compatible with all Hoss Glass Bases, Middles, and Tops.  Beautiful mushroom cloud shape! Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck. Always support the base.

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