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H006 - Double Wall Beaker Base

from $252.00

Joint Size:  19mm Bowl Height:  8" Inches / 20cm Build-a-Bong® Double Wall Beaker Base with 19mm Joint.  This stemless beaker looks incredible and does a great job diffusing smoke and ash.  No downstem required!  Connect it with any Hoss Glass Middle and/or Top. Includes: (1) H006 - Double Wall Beaker Base (1) YX12P...
Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base


Height:  7.5" Inches / 190mm Joint Size:  19mm Female Joint Thickness:  7mm Triple Inline Diffuser Base.  This Build-a-Bong® base is unique stemless design that incorporates a triple inline percolator to filter smoke and ash.  The awesome shape of this base makes any setup stand out, and it doesn't require a...
H001 - 15 Arm Percolator Middle

from $189.00

Height:  6.75" Inches / 170mm Joint Size:  45mm Male / Female Tube Diameter:  80mm Build-a-Bong® 15 Arm Percolator Middle.  Compatible with all Hoss Glass® Bases, Middles, and Tops.  Beautiful mushroom cloud shape! Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck. Always support the base.
H147 - Holey Middle Perc.

from $196.00

Height:  6.75" Inches / 170mm Joint Size:  45mm Male / Female Diameter:  80mm The Holey Middle Percolator.  This unique middle percolator matches the H146 Holey Beaker Base.  It utilises a grid-style diffuser to support a colored inner section that gives this piece an awesome appeal.  The smoke filters between the outer glass and the inner...
H501 - Small 2-Piece Build-a-Bong® Rig

from $252.00

Build-a-Bong® Joint:  38mm Joint Joint Size:  Stemless with 14mm Bowl Height: 14" Inch (350mm) This small 2-piece setup comes with a 4-Arm Percolator Base and a Glycerin Coil Top that both utilize a smaller 38mm Build-a-Bong® joint.  Future Hoss Glass® parts will be compatible with this piece to help design your bong the way...

Showing: 33 - 38 of 38