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H006 - Double Wall Beaker Base


Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  19mm Female Thickness:  7mm Build-a-Bong® Double Wall Beaker Base with 19mm Joint.  This stemless beaker looks incredible and does a great job diffusing smoke and ash.  No downstem required!  Connect it with any Hoss Glass Middle and/or Top. Includes: (1) H006 - Double Wall Beaker...
YH905-35C - Full Color Top Tube

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Height:  14" Inches / 350mm Joint Size:  45mm Male Tube Diameter:  50mm Thickness:  7mm 14" Top Tube.  This straight top tube is tall and 7mm in glass thickness.  It is very strong and will add some height to any Build-a-Bong® setup.  The low ice catch allows for lots of ice to be used to cool the smoke, and...
H002 - UFO Percolator Middle


Height:  8.25" Inches / 210mm Joint Size:  45mm Male / Female Tube Diameter:  110mm Build-a-Bong® UFO Percolator Middle.  The shape is out of this world!  Connect it with any Hoss Glass® Base, Middle, and Top. Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck. Always support the base.
Y402 - Cyclone Disk Diffuser Base


Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  19mm Female Joint Tube Diameter:  50mm Cyclone Disk Diffuser Base.  This straight-tube Build-a-Bong® base is simple, but extremely unique.  It filters smoke efficiently through its cyclone-style diffuser which also creates an awesome looking whirlpool as water passes through it. Includes: (1) Y402 - Cyclone...
H168 - Recycler Base


Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  19mm Female Thickness:  5mm This Twisted Recycler Base is our first Build-a-Bong® recycler.  Attach this with other Hoss Glass® parts and create your own cool setup.  The base recycles water up through the tube on the side, and it runs back down to the base...
H147 - Holey Middle Perc.

from $196.00

Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  45mm Male / Female Diameter:  80mm The Holey Middle Percolator.  This unique middle percolator matches the H146 Holey Beaker Base.  It utilises a grid-style diffuser to support a colored inner section that gives this piece an awesome appeal.  The smoke filters between the outer glass and the inner...
H121 - Skinny Top Tube


Height:  12" Inches / 310mm Joint Size:  45mm Male Joint Tube Diameter:  25mm Skinny Top Tube.  This Build-a-Bong® top-tube has a skinny 25mm diameter and has a low ice catch to allow the use of small ice chunks to cool the smoke more effectively in the condensed space.  Connect it...
H035 - Showerhead Diffuser Base with 29mm Joint


Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  29mm Downstem Diffuser / 19mm Bowl Stem Length:  5.5" Inches / 14cm Build-a-Bong® Showerhead Diffuser Base.  This straight-tube base includes a beautiful showerhead diffuser downstem and has a 29mm joint for added strength.  Connect it with any Hoss Glass® middle or top piece....
Y301A - Freezer Coil Top Tube (No Logo)


Height:  9.5" Inches / 240mm Joint Size:  45mm Male This top tube has a neat coil surrounded by a glycerin jacket. The glycerin jacket allows you to put it in the freezer and cool the smoke. Pair it with the H090 to have an all glycerin Build-A-Bong   Caution do not pick...
YH906 - Dome Perc with Color Reversal


Height:  6.75" Inches / 170mm Joint Size:  45mm Male / Female Tube Diameter:  50mm  Dome Percolator with Color Reversal.  This classic percolator middle has a reversal-style dome that comes in several colors, and its simple design allows for reliable percolation and strength. Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck....
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YH910 - 10 Arm Diffuser Base


Height:  9.5" Inches / 240mm Joint Size:  19mm Female Joint Tube Diameter:  60mm 10 Arm Diffuser Base. This beautiful stemless Build-a-Bong® base looks great and filters smoke efficiently through its 10-arm diffuser. It is does not require a downstem and the wider 60mm straight body gives it a very sturdy look. Includes:...
H082 - 6-Arm Diffuser Base with 29mm Joint


Height:  8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size:  29mm Downstem Diffuser / 19mm Bowl Stem Length:  5.5" Inches / 14cm 29mm Joint Diffuser Base.  This Build-a-Bong® straight-style base includes a 29mm joint to support our larger diffuser downstems.  These 6 arm diffuser downstems come in a range of colors and are great at filtering smoke...
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Y420 - Triple Inline Diffuser Base (BLUE)

$190.00 $90.00

This Build-a-Bong® base has changed very slightly over the years, as we have updated the base thickness and added color to the diffusers on the newer version.  This older retro style Y420 is available to you at a lower cost with no compromise to functionality.  It has BLUE logos and CLEAR inline diffusers....
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H092 - Glycerin Freezer Base with Paddle Percolator

$299.00 $140.00

This freezer base has been long since discontinued, but we have a few still in stock which we are now offering at a reduced cost.  These items are older, but are completely functional. Height:  9.5" Inches / 241mm Joint Size: 19mm Bowl Tube Diameter:  60mm   Includes: (1) H092 - Glycerin Freezer Base...
H501 - Small 2-Piece Build-a-Bong® Rig

from $252.00

Build-a-Bong® Joint:  38mm Joint Joint Size:  Stemless with 14mm Bowl Height: 14" Inch (350mm) This small 2-piece setup comes with a 4-Arm Percolator Base and a Glycerin Coil Top that both utilize a smaller 38mm Build-a-Bong® joint.  Future Hoss Glass® parts will be compatible with this piece to help design your bong the way...

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