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Y301A - Freezer Coil Top Tube (No Logo)


Height:  9.5" Inches / 240mm Joint Size:  45mm Male This top tube has a neat coil surrounded by a glycerin jacket. The glycerin jacket allows you to put it in the freezer and cool the smoke. Pair it with the H090 to have an all glycerin Build-A-Bong   Caution do not pick...
Y307 - Reversal Dome Percolator - Various Custom Logo Layouts


These Y307 Bubblers are quality pieces that we used to test logo application in our product development. These layouts are all one of a kind and fully functional. Joint Size: 19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl Stem Length: 4" Inches / 10cm Tube Diameter:  32mm Mini percolator with colour reversal.  This piece is...